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9 Reasons Why Omaxe Chowk is the best place for shopping with family in Delhi

9 Reasons Why Omaxe Chowk is the best place for shopping with family in Delhi

The new Omaxe Chowk has transformed the capital city in many ways. It has brought back the cultural unity of Indian history as well as shows the best of modern amenities. However, the one thing through which this Omaxe Chowk has impacted the Delhites or the tourists the most is its shopping experience. 

Omaxe Chowk is not another shopping mall with shops here & there showcasing what you desire to buy. The experience you’ll get here will ruin your excitement for any other mall. 

The mall has been built in such a way that it will represent the best shopping experience for you each time you visit here. It has everything for everyone. 

When you’re shopping with your family, you need to take care of many things. Good for all that Omaxe has everything noted down before and now offering the best to you. 

Omaxe Mall is the best shopping place in Chandni Chowk and offers a shopping experience that is making a big noise among the local families of Delhi, especially near Chandni Chowk. 

But if you’re still unaware of Omaxe Mall and its heavenly shopping experience, we are going to discuss 9 points why & how Omaxe Mall will change your shopping experience for once & all.  


  • Proposed Access: Proposed Special Entry for Chandni Chowk Metro Station
  • 2100+ Car Parks with Valet Service
  • 7 Gates/Alleys for Entrance & Exit
  • Space for ATMs, Banks, and Lockers
  • India’s Biggest Food Capital with Seating Capacity of 2000+ 
  • Spacious Air Conditioned Lounge
  • Asia’s Largest Wholesale & Retail Hub
  • 3-Tier Security System, 24×7 Fire Safety
  • Special Funtainment Zone for Kids

9 Reasons Why Omaxe Chowk is a Shopping Heaven:
Reasons Why Omaxe Chowk is the best place for shopping with family in Delhi

1. Proposed Access: Proposed Special Entry for Chandni Chowk Metro Station:

Delhi is a big place and not everything is available in your footsteps. Especially places like Omaxe Chowk and other best shopping places in Chandni Chowk that offer not only a shopping mall but an absolute amalgam of our Indian historic culture. 

A common idea to reach Omaxe Mall is to catch a metro or any other public service to reach Chandni Chowk and then head for Omaxe Chowk. Not applicable if you have a private vehicle to drive. 

But here is a special amenity that has never been seen before. The Omaxe Chowk has proposed a special entrance for all. All you need to do is to reach Chandni Chowk Metro Station. 

Omaxe Chowk has proposed a special entrance directly through the Chandni Chowk Metro Station. This means you won’t need to be stuck in traffic. 

You can have a wild card entry to the mall, shop there as long as you want, and directly reach out to the Metro station without facing the huge traffic of the largest city in our country.

2. 2100+ Car Parks with valet service:

When you’re running a mall in a Delhi-like humongous city, one of the biggest issues will be the parking availability for each visitor. Well, not every time everyone gets a chance to park at the most comfy place. 

Most malls in the city offer parking but they are not spacious enough to carry the huge traffic load every day. Some don’t even have a dedicated parking lot which causes people trouble at times. 

In the parking factor, Omaxe Mall wins the bet among the best shopping places in Chandni Chowk without a single challenge. The Chowk offers a 2100+ car parking place that is a 5-level parking building. The place is huge and is perfect for your car safety. 

The added luxury here is the Valet Services offered. You have driven the car to the parking lot and now your part is done. 

Rest leave on the Omaxe Chowk management. One attendant will come to you asking for the valet service so that you can enjoy the best of your visit. 

3. 7 Gates/Alleys, For Entrance & Exit:

Omaxe Chowk has a big interior to show off. The building is huge and represents the true unity of Indian, Mughal, and British culture that has impacted our motherland to its depth. 

The Omaxe Chowk is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will not have anywhere else. The place is a perfect place to show how modern construction methods and ideas can blend finely with our cultural roots. It shows that we can use both culture & modern luxuries in our favour. 

The Omaxe Chowk has 7 entrance and exit gates that separately let you enter into the ground floor of the Chowk. These 7 gates are only at the front side to deal with huge traffic here. 

The main entrance is quite bigger than the others. However, all these gates present a true story of our richness & culture. 

4. Space for ATMs, Banks & Lockers: 

We are in the era of Digital India and truly you don’t need to carry cash while shopping. The smallest of vendors and shopkeepers now use UPI and online money gateway. But we can’t deny that there are moments when you need real money in your hands. 

Omaxe Chowk management understands this issue and has built spaces for ATMs and banks. This is a kind service and you won’t need to look for ATMs nearby in your Google Maps. Rather just look around you and you will find the dedicated ATMs and banking facility working all the time. 

5. India’s largest Food Capital with a seating capacity of 2000+: 

Talking about malls and leaving the food? Not possible at all. India is a food lover’s country. Moreover, Omaxe Chowk is in Delhi. Delhites are famous for their love of spicy hot food cuisines. 

Let me introduce you to India’s largest food capital Omaxe Mall. If you’re planning to visit Omaxe, we suggest you come to the food court of the place. 

The food court area offers 2000+ seating capacity and cuisines from all over the world. Whether you’re fond of Indian cuisine looking for some real Italian pizza or want to have some light-weight American dishes, we offer you all dishes under one roof. 

The largest food court in India offers you with a wide range of food options. The Omaxe Chowk has managed to deal with the most popular food industry around the globe and brought them here to Delhi. Some big names in the food & beverage that will greet you here are as follows. 

  • Burger King
  • Chicago Pizza
  • Bonjuz
  • Nazeer
  • Jung Bahadur Kachori
  • Berco’s
  • Nanking
  • Sagar Ratna
  • Haldiram
  • Chicago Pizza
  • Nazeer, etc. 

6. Spacious Air Conditioned Lounge: 

Looking for a good place to sit down and rest while having a tour of Delhi? 

Think no further and come to the Omaxe Chowk. These luxury lounges are one of the reasons why we are among the best shopping places in Chandni Chowk. When you feel tired of seeing the new trends, the music, and the big cultural hotspot of Delhi, an amount of good relaxing time will help you recharge your batteries. 

At Omaxe Chowk, you will find a thoughtfully designed Lounge with all amenities attached. Find a perfect seat for yourself and enjoy the calmest moment of the day in the mall. 

These lounges have AC, a bunch of seating capacity to support all including elderly people with special seats and services. Moreover, a preinstalled free WiFi is available there to use if you want to. 

7. Asia’s largest wholesale & retail hub: 

Omaxe Chowk presents to you the biggest wholesale and retail market hub for shoppers of all kinds. Note that Omaxe Chowk is situated at Chandni Chowk, which is a famous old market in India. If you don’t know, Chandni Chowk is the biggest wholesale market in Asia and that legacy is continued by the Oamxe Chowk. 

Whether you’re looking for some in-budget shopping or want to go full into luxury labels, Omaxe Chowk has everything to offer to you. The place is a hub for all the top brands of the world. From a t-shirt to furniture, you think of an item and you will find that at our place. Currently, the Chowk has 5000+ active business outlets. 

Below are some of the brands you will see at Omaxe Chowk. 

  • Odhani
  • Gorri’s Creation
  • Tanishq
  • Svaraa
  • Senco
  • VIP
  • Tanishq
  • Khadim
  • Senco
  • Ethnix by Raymond
  • Gorri’s Creation
  • Ram Chandra Krishan Chandra
  • Perfume Point

Whether you’re looking for groom shopping in Chandni Chowk or Jewellery shops in Chandni Chowk or famous cloth shops in Chandni Chowk, look no further as Omaxe Mall has brought everything together in one place only. 

8. 3-Tier Security System, 24×7 Fire Safety: 

Being such a huge place, Omaxe Chowk understands the potential dangers it carries. Truly Delhi and big cities face some unwanted elements of society every now & then. We thank our police force for keeping us safe all the time. But it’s also our responsibility to offer maximum security that is needed for our visitors. 

The security system here includes fire security, security for accidents, and security from any suspicious activities in the mall. 

The management of Omaxe Chowk has developed a 3-tier security system for its guests. We take security with the utmost seriousness. On each floor, we have cameras, security guards, fire alarms, and metal detectors to deal with any potential accidents at any time. 

With the 3-tier security system and an alarmed security management team, the Omaxe Mall is ready for any kind of situation. 

9. Special Funtainment Zone for Kids: 

Last but probably the most important attraction of Omaxe Chowk is its fun segment for the kids visiting here. But we have not limited ourselves to it. Omaxe Chowk has limitless entertainment resources for people of all age groups. 

The mall has a dedicated place for live events, fests, festivals, movie promotions, cultural performances, and private parties. The big idea behind it was to bring families together to enjoy these. 

Moving on to the kids, the Omaxe Mall has allotted a separate wonderland for kids only. There are so many electronic, indoor, and semi-outdoor games for them. Lego walls, rides, funky games, learning games, shooting, and extra are the attraction points of the chowk. 

We believe that children should have full freedom to grow physically. Knowing that games are a big part of it, the management has put everything your kid would want when they visit the mall. 


Visiting Delhi for the first time with family? Or are you a resident of Delhi and tired of going to the same funky places where your elders feel no belonging? 

Come to Omaxe Mall and see how modern technologies can be blended with traditions and culture. 

The Omaxe Chowk is one of the best shopping places in Chandni Chowk where you not only get a chance to shop unlimitedly but also you can explore the true roots of Indian culture. Moreover, the place offers complete family time to you with its unmatched features such as 

  • Food Court with 2000+ seating capacity. 
  • Funtainment for children. 
  • Security for whole families
  • Advanced Parking system, and 
  • Unlimited shopping options. 

Omaxe Chowk is an all-time shopping destination for you. Whether you are looking for sherwani shops in Chandni Chowk or furniture or electronics or some independent famous shops in Chandni Chowk in any niche, Omaxe Mall has everything available to you. Come to Omaxe Chowk and you will never go back the same way from here.