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The New Face of Chandni Chowk – How Omaxe Chowk Has Transformed Old Delhi?

The New Face of Chandni Chowk – How Omaxe Chowk Has Transformed Old Delhi?

Old Delhi situated in Chandni Chowk is a national heritage in itself. It is Asia’s largest marketplace featuring lakhs of business outlets in the service of Delhi residents & visitors. This place needs no introduction but recently it gained a lot of attention again when Omaxe Chowk Chandni Chowk was made open to the public. 

Chandni Chowk Omaxe Mall is the new face of the old market. The old royal Delhi has come with a new face and name with the same class of royalty. 

The New Face of Chandni Chowk in 2023: A Glimpse into the Transformation: 


1. Retail Renaissance: 

Omaxe in Chandni Chowk has literally transformed the retail industry of the historical area. Let me tell you first, Chandni Chowk is the oldest and biggest market in Asia. The place is spread across 5.6 square kilometres and is the home to lakhs of retail shops in the city. 

Omaxe Chowk has given a new face to it. The mall consists of 5000+ brands, franchises, and retail businesses under one roof. These businesses are from clothing brands to food & interior, you will find all the necessary amenities to luxurious lifestyle goods. 

Having 5000+ active units in one place means more organised shopping opportunities for customers as well as better treatment opportunities for businesses. The setting automatically brings out better deals for all. 

2. Preserving Heritage:

India is undoubtedly one of the most culture-rich countries in the world. For thousands of years, India still stands proud of its culture, spirituality, art, and unity in diversity. 

Omaxe Chowk is a real-time example of how beautiful India’s culture has been. The huge mall has inherited its interior and exterior from the Mughal, Indian, and British cultures. 

All three cultures have left unforgettable marks on Indian land, each giving something precious to our country. Omaxe Chowk presents all of them well. 

Unlike the other malls, you will feel the essence of your rich history, and who knows, you may get to see the golden bird mentioned in the books by travellers who came to India. 

 3. A Cultural Hub of the City:

 It would be a complete injustice if such a big mall near Chandni Chowk does not feature a dedicated cultural podium or auditorium. Omaxe Mall with its 5.6 acres of land offers itself to the cultural activities from the depth of its heart. 

Cultural events and fests are something that keeps the land alive. A country’s style, beliefs, faith, cultural norms, and heritage- all are shown by its cultural art forms. Omaxe Chowk organises corporate or social-cultural events & fests every now & then to keep the heart beating. 

Contact Omaxe Chowk for all kinds of Events including 

  • Corporate Events
  • Private Parties
  • Fests
  • Promotional Events. 
  • Social Fests

 4. Culinary Haven:

The capital city of India is a hub of food from all over the world. Delhites are known for their wide range of rich cuisine. Following the food heritage of the city, Omaxe Chowk has deeply focused on its culinary aspect and presents to you the biggest food court in India, Omaxe Chandni Chowk Food Court with a 1600+ seating capacity. 

Omaxe Chowk Mall in Chandni Chowk exposes you to hundreds of international and national cuisines by the city’s best-renowned chefs. Be it the Indian ‘Chhole-Bhature’ the Italian Paella or Japanese Sushi, Omaxe Chowk is one roof for all your hunger fantasies. 

Serving food is not only about the dishes’ varieties or seating capacity. The way chefs treat food here is itself an art. Cooked with the best raw materials available, the food here is an artistic feast for every plate embracing both traditions & innovation. 

 5. Smart Integration:

 Any mall-like place needs technology to operate at its full potential. At present, the technological era has reached home automation and smart systems for controlling the mall’s interior electrical system, escalators, water supply, and air conditioning ducts.

Omaxe Mall is designed with detailed planning that helps you to enjoy every second of your evening at this palace-like mall. 

You will get exposed to a smart electric system, high-tech filtered water supply, cozy seating arrangement, and royal shops alignment. Alongside, the Omaxe Mall Delhi has proposed a special entry directly from the Chandni Chowk Metro station that makes Omaxe Chowk one of its kind malls. 

 6. Empowering Local Economy:

 Omaxe Chowk, unlike the regular normed malls, preserves the heritage and empowers the local economy. The mall has become a one-stop roof for shoppers and travellers who are visiting Delhi. 

It has created thousands of jobs for local people in sales & marketing, chefs, managers, security, operations, and other white-collar jobs. The business outlets in the mall are a big yes for the local business community. Like Chandni Chowk, the diverse collection of goods ranges from budget to luxury. 

The mall has become one centre point of Delhi to explore the Mughal, British, and Indian architectural richness and thus attracts lakhs of people each day to its doors. Indeed the mall has made its name as a top tourist attraction in Chandni Chowk

Talking about the business ecosystem, the mall has established such a beautiful collaboration of both brands & entrepreneurs by offering a growing ecosystem for both. 

Moreover, the popularity of Omaxe Mall has drawn multiple investments making the Omaxe in Chandni Chowk a real estate investment hub. 

7. The Pulse of Shopping:

 Omaxe Mall has 5000+ active business units making it the best shopping Mall in Delhi NCR. The number includes local entrepreneurs, national & international brands, and some local & unique business units. 

You will find a list of shopping items for you & your family such as clothing, furniture, electronics, books, food, groceries, bridal, music, and several other startups. 

Needless to say, such a wide range of businesses gives visitors all kinds of options for shopping. Whether you’re looking for a nice traditional dress or a sofa set for your home, want to dive deep into the world’s best books of all time, or want to jump into the world of high-tech electronics, Omaxe Mall Delhi is perfect for everything. 

 8. Entertainment for All:

The pulse of Chandni Chowk Mall Omaxe is its entertainment offerings. Malls are the cosiest places in any city which offer never-ending entertainment and luxury to their visitors. Omaxe Chowk takes this factor to the next level with several luxurious amenities. They are:

  • 5-screen multiplex cinemas. 
  • Kids play area. 
  • Dedicated area for cultural events & fests
  • Private parties
  • Family Entertainment 

Not to mention that Omaxe Chowk is not just a building offering business opportunities. It offers a whole different vibe making you feel the royalty of amalgam of Indian, British, and Mughal traditional arts & architecture. Even if you do nothing here, a breeze of our rich heritage will refresh your heart from within. 


Omaxe Chowk is the new face of Delhi & especially Chandni Chowk. The mall has started exposing people to class luxury by presenting them the historical greatness of Mughal, Indian, and British culture that has left a mark on this land forever. Whether you’re looking for Parathe Wali Gali Chandni Chowk or your favourite best shops in Chandni Chowk for clothing, Omaxe Mall will introduce you to all you desire.