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Omaxe Chowk: Your One-Stop Destination for Retail, Parking, and Food

Omaxe Chowk: Your One-Stop Destination for Retail, Parking, and Food

Omaxe Chowk is the first major commercial development in Chandni Chowk in 300 years. It’s true because this 17th century market, which continues to be one of the busiest markets in Old Delhi, originally was made up of three bazaars (Urdu Bazar, Johri Bazar, Fatehpuri Bazar). This market has expanded over the years and today encompasses the whole area from Lahori gate to Fatehpuri Masid in the walled city. Omaxe Chowk will bring to Chandni Chowk an organised commercial development encompassing retail & wholesale spaces and food court.

The expansion and enduring popularity has today resulted in the market bursting at its seams. The available space and infrastructure of the area is simply inadequate and poses serious questions of security and safety of visiting tourists and shoppers as the market is perennially choc-a-bloc with traffic jams and its lanes and by-lanes overcrowded. Omaxe Chowk will cater to these inefficiencies and resolve issues like parking, washroom facilities among many others.

This PPP project with North MCD and monitored by Delhi High Court is a part of Chandni Chowk redevelopment plan. This commercial complex cum multi-level parking will accommodate 2100 cars and 81 tourist buses in 5 floors, 3 underground and 2 over ground. The commercial complex will have two floors for retail and one floor for food court. Omaxe Chowk will not only make the market more accessible, it will also bring together under a single roof the best of shopping and food that Chandni Chowk has to offer.

The development will also add a dash of modernity and added convenience into this historic marketplace while retaining the best of its old world charm. Omaxe Chowk will indeed be a game changer for the marketplace as the famous street food joints and historic shops will now share space in an easily accessible place with the added convenience of all modern facilities. The specially designed terrace in Omaxe Chowk will offer the visitors old-world charm through cultural events and functions.

This is good news for all enthusiasts who have so far been dissuaded from making the trip to the historic market on account of the long traffic jams, overcrowding and lack of even basic infrastructures in the area. Omaxe Chowk once operational will change all that and make the authentic Chandni Chowk experience accessible to all.